The Folklore Group Nele (English)

The Grimbergen folklore group Nele was founded in 1969 and quickly formed two children groups and a flag-waving group Draeckenbaert. The name Nele symbolises the famous couple Tijl and Nele, who fought against the Spanish occupier.
That’s why our boys and girls are wearing a 16th century costume in Breughel style colours. The flags show the coat of arms from the time of the Grimbergen war against the Dukes of Brabant in the 12th century.
With its weekly folk dancing and flag-waving, and with a lot of festivities, Nele offers an agreeable and social hobby to the inhabitants of Grimbergen and its surroundings.
But of course you get the opportunity to see our Flemish culture: Nele has performed many times at home, but also in Denmark, Germany, England, France, Ireland, Majorca, The Netherlands, Austria, The United States, Poland and Sweden. The group performs a selection of Flemish folk-dances and flag-waving, where traditional and new sequences /creations take turn. The folkdancers are accompanied by our musicians.
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